Pokémon TCG Market Analysis – SV01 – Scarlet & Violet Base Set

SV01 - Scarlet & Violet Base Set

Are you asking yourself, should you break open your sealed product, sell it, hang onto it for a bit longer, or even buy some more? We will look at a few different areas within the set to see what makes the most sense. Can you make money by breaking into your Scarlet & Violet Base Set products? We will take a look at sealed products as well as single cards we might even look at grading options for cards that might stand up to the test of time.

Sealed Product

First, we will take a look at the different sealed products that are available at the launch of the set. We will do our best to update this post as new products are released through the sets life. This is a standard set which just means that we get Booster Boxes as the most cost effective way to get packs. 

Booster Box

Elite Trainer Box

PC - Elite Trainer Box

Booster Bundle

Build and Battle Box











Build & Battle Stadium

Single Pack Blister

3 Pack Blister

Sleeved Booster Pack

Booster Pack











The Cards -

256 / 198

Not only did we get gray/silver borders with Scarlet & Violet which is brought over from the Japanese market. We also got an introduced to new rarity types and their symbols. Packs are now made up of 2 Reverse cards and one Holofoil Rare. The Double Rare and Ultra Rare cards seem to only be pulled in the Rare slot in the packs, and the Illustration, Special Illustration, and Hyper Rare cards seem to only be pulled from the second reverse card slot.




Double Rare

Ultra Rare

Illustration Rare

Special Illustration Rare

Hyper Rare

Pull Rates

Over all

Double Rare
Ultra Rare
Illustration Rare
Special Illustration Rare
Hyper Rare


*Based on third party pulls

Expected Value

Base on the pack make up, the pull rates and current values of the single cards that we pull from TCGplayer as of 04/05/23, we are calculating an EV of around $2.92 per-pack or about $105.47 for a Booster Box.

At current market prices we are not looking to open or even buy any booster boxes until the market settles down a little unless you are able to find booster boxes at or under EV, The single card market needs to flatten out a little which will most likely be in or about the 6 month mark. We will reevaluate the set as the months go by.

Top 20 Cards

Miriam – 251/198$73.95
Miraidon ex – 244/198$61.90
Gardevoir ex – 245/198$45.06
Koraidon ex – 247/198$38.56
Miriam – 238/198$29.87
Gyarados ex – 225/198$26.02
Miraidon ex – 253/198$21.18
Nest Ball – 255/198$18.17
Ralts – 211/198$17.87
Arcanine ex – 224/198$16.58


Great Tusk ex – 246/198$15.56
Koraidon ex – 254/198$15.21
Miraidon ex – 227/198$13.73
Penny – 252/198$13.58
Basic Lightning Energy – 257/198$12.54
Arven – 249/198$12.43
Professor’s Research – 240/198$12.18
Gardevoir ex – 228/198$11.24
Miraidon ex – 081/198$10.30
Kirlia – 212/198$10.10


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